Saturday Short – a Cold Rainy Day – Perfect for Popovers

Yesterday was a perfect Spring day around here. Sunny, warm, with a constant breeze. Today? Cold and rainy. Typical of the weather in Richmond, Virginia. Changeable.

I have spent the day cleaning and going through old boxes and footlockers. Consolidating. Organizing memory boxes for the kids. Feeling a bit lonely and nostalgic…coming across old pictures helped.

Then the rain and the looking back got me thinking about popovers. Steaming hot from the oven. I haven’t made them in over 20 years. In fact, it was only recently that I found a popover pan while thrifting one day and brought it home.

Popovers always take me back to a trip to Maine one summer in my 20s. With my dear friend, Paulette. We discovered a tearoom in the woods along the Maine coastline.  Jordan Pond House.

Having the pan and a rainy day gave me the courage to try baking them again after all these years.

OK…a little bit scorched on top, but it took nothing away from how yummy they were…with blackberry preserves (strawberry for me), a bit of butter, coffee, and this dearest friend. Not bad for my first time in a long time.

Do you have any go-to foods for a lazy, lonesome Saturday? Please pop a comment below.  Thank you for spending a bit of time with me, here.

Williams-Sonoma Recipe for Perfect Popovers

Jordan Pond House Best Popover Recipe – Complete with scenery from  Acadia National Park, Maine

Photo Credit: NPS

Friday Faves – Vacation Food Memories – Deb Mills Writer – [how I first fell in love with popovers]

6 thoughts on “Saturday Short – a Cold Rainy Day – Perfect for Popovers”

  1. LOL. You make me laugh!! It is a good thing I read this all the way through. I was ready to “pop over” to see you as I thought you were in need of a visit. Hahahahaha. I would say a big pot of chili or a nice cobbler depending on if I need savory or sweet. If it is memory making dish, then my momma’s goolash (fancy Mac & cheese).

  2. Lonely and nostalgic — me too! And, yes, a very cold and rainy day for the South in early April….seems to bring out the nostalgia. Popovers are not my go-to treat, but growing up it was cinnamon rolls. Same thing….just a different method of getting dough, sugar and butter to blend and then bake (with the right spice/fruit/compote)!

    Love the photo of you, Dave and the 3 adult children!

    1. Mmmmmm. Cinnamon rolls are pretty perfect for a Saturday morning also. Thanks for commenting, Lisa. Much love.

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