Monday Morning Moment – the Hobbit Life – a 30-Day Journey

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Monday mornings can start so well and then sort of spiral. This was that sort of Monday around here. So much stress – with tough news, tight deadlines, and too much time in my own head…

Then a lovely idea…sparked by Tea with Tolkien (a Twitter account I follow)…lifted my spirit and cleared my mind. 30 Days to a Hobbit Heart. The focus of these 30 days is “slowing down, choosing simple joys, and forming new hobbity habits together”.

At the top of my movie list are The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (LOTR) and The Hobbit – both from the pen of British author J. R. R. Tolkien. Tolkien’s stories are of great adventures, loyal friendships, and battles for good against evil. The music from these films does justice to the stories. [Sidebar: Two songs from above film series inspired Nathan at Beyond the Guitar to arrange and perform them – here and here.]

I signed up for the 30-day journey. Let me know if you do, and we’ll do it together. The guide for the 30 days is actually a simple checklist of how to order your day in a hobbity way. [I want to say that word at least a few more times.] Suggestions include less screen time (of course), more time outside, more time with friends, simple suppers, second breakfasts, and time for walks, reading, and writing.[Just a bit of my husband’s garden which he makes hobbity time for]

Where do we find the time for these habits of life? If there is room for all that Marie Kondo requires in minimizing our stuff, then there is room for Tolkien’s ideas of reshaping how we spend our time…and with whom.

One of the suggestions is actually reading some of Tolkien’s letters. I’ve already begun today. It was thrilling to read in one letter (#47) how he was nearly finished with the sequel to The Hobbit. He mentioned how it would be a much longer story (The Lord of the Rings) but that the reader would not be disappointed.

Author Cam Clark describes how being familiar with The Hobbit Life actually made him a better person. He talks about how hobbits value the simpler things of life – friends, food, and stories. He also points to two characteristics that distinguish them from folks of our era. They are 1) not beleaguered by status anxiety (fearing have a lower status than others), and 2) they are more technophobic (whereas the villains of Tolkien’s LOTR were advanced in their weaponry). Hobbity people today would not be so bothered by pursuing status, and they would incline toward being less attached to their devices.

So there you have it…this little distraction brightened my day and altered my perspective. Looking forward to the 30-day journey toΒ  wherever this hobbit life idea takes me.

By the way, the tough news and tight deadlines are still there…I’m just differently engaged…hopefully in a better way.

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8 thoughts on “Monday Morning Moment – the Hobbit Life – a 30-Day Journey”

  1. Hi Debbie, your description of living a Hobbit’s life has intrigued me… I will definitely check that out. I hope those 30 days leave room for work and travel (although if I remember correctly, Hobbits didn’t like to travel) πŸ™‚ I have both of those to “look forward to” this month. I pray that you will find peace in whatever tough news you received and through all your busyness. Much love, sharon <3

    1. Thank you so much, Sharon. Definitely, the work and travel are just a part of life, right? Hobbits would turn the travel into an adventure…and the work? Something necessary to break up the day between good food, good friends, and good books. πŸ™‚ How are you? Also…if you’re ever this way, I’ll meet you for coffee/tea along the road. Love you, Friend!

  2. Love photo of Dave’s masterpiece gardening! I may not be a hobbit fan, but the garden photo makes me want to “slow down and choose simple joys.”

  3. I feel like the Hobbit life is just like life after a baby. I’ve so enjoyed these beautiful days outdoors and we even went on a walk tonight after dinner. Second breakfasts are always a good idea and there’s really nothing like reading with your toddler and young son and watching the stories you loved come to life and spark joy all over again. Our days are slow this week but we are all together and so loved. Thanks for posting. Praying for you today and always!!! Text me if you ever have a specific need! It’s my privilege to partner in prayer with you!! Love you so! Hope to visit soon. <3

    1. Alicia, I’m so glad to see you on here. We will see each other soon…I have to meet that sweet baby…and see you and the bigger kiddos. You are such a blessing to me. Always.

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