Monday Morning Moment – A Tribute: For Fancy Nancy; MomMom, My Angel

[Nancy Wink is Dave’s aunt. Beloved by all of us. Funny, generous, servant-hearted. A truly Godly woman. We miss her terribly. Heaven is all the sweeter with her Home. Guest blogger: Rachel Shaver, one of her granddaughters.]

Nancy Wink, sister Julia Mills, and their mom Lura Ring

Nancy & Julia, 2018

Nancy & Bob, Sweethearts for life and forever

Nancy, Rachel Shaver, & her mom Sharon Wink

For the past few weeks, as I watched you get closer and closer to your reunion with PopPop, I struggled with a million emotions, feelings and memories at the thought of losing you. For the past few days, as I’ve revisited these moments, I found it difficult to put into words the deep gratitude I feel for you and all you mean to me. I desperately hope I communicated this to you as best I could while you were here on Earth with me, but now that you are in Heaven, I aim to show you how grateful I am by demonstrating the same love and devotion to my friends and family that you bestowed to so many while you were here.

I want to say so many things, but all I can think about right now is how much I loved the dentist. Because YOU ALWAYS took me to my visits. All the way to Salisbury. Every cleaning, every wire adjustment, every new band color in my braces. You never missed a trip. Each time a new appointment was scheduled, you had it written on your calendar before we got home (you never forgot a birthday, a holiday, or an anniversary, EVER).

For me, the dentist meant staying with you on a school night, taking a bath in your Jacuzzi tub (never without bubbles), playing with your dolls on that huge yellow couch in the basement, watching reruns on TV (I loved Tom Selleck just because you did), having oatmeal in the morning, and McDonald’s on my way back to school. The dentist meant I got to spend my days with you: Learning to crochet, laughing when you scolded PopPop for dribbling breakfast on his tie before he left for work (UH, BOB!). I loved going to the dentist, and I SO LOVE YOU.

I don’t know how we ended up so lucky to have you in our lives, but I thank God every day that we did. Thank you for loving me beyond measure when you never had to. Thank you for showing me the power of a good manicure, a sharp crab knife, a matching outfit, and a compassionate heart. You were stubborn, and spunky, and hated when I wore my hair straight and I love you for all of this. If ever there were angels on Earth, you were one. You were graceful, and kind. You were thoughtful and selfless. And you loved every single one of your children, grandchildren, and greats unconditionally; didn’t matter if it were blood or bonds that connected them.

My heart has been aching so badly for thought of missing these moments, but it smiles knowing you’re finally home with PopPop again. You deserve every jewel in heaven and every moment spent in your love’s arms. You are where you want to be. Sweet dreams, MomMom—I love you forever and cherish you for just as long. Good night fancy Nancy. I miss you so much.

Rachel Shaver

Obituary – Nancy L. Wink

10 thoughts on “Monday Morning Moment – A Tribute: For Fancy Nancy; MomMom, My Angel”

    1. Oh Blythe! You would have loved her. So much spunk. She spent her whole life on the Delmarva peninsula – loving her family and serving the Lord. Without pretense. She and my mom-in-law Julia, her sister, taught me a lot about serving my family as if it were the most important job in the world. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  1. Oh, what a beautiful tribute. I feel like I knew her by just reading it. Most of these must be family qualities as I see so many of these same blessings in Julia. Grace, love and peace to all of you.

    1. Harriet, she and Julia are a lot alike. Nancy was a bit more tightly wound, but the two of them made such a great team. We will miss her so much, and Julia will all the more.

  2. I can tell from the photos, the blog entry and the obituary that Nancy was a card! For example, in the well-written and heart-warming obituary, I love the sentence: “Growing up, the family had a beloved horse, who she admitted she fervently disliked and always wished was a bike.” Ha!

    Granddaughter Rachel states in the blog entry: “You were stubborn, and spunky, and hated when I wore my hair straight.” Funny! as this brings back memories of my Mom, Aunt (and I think that generation of women) disliking straight hair (even when it was “in style”).

    The memories of the dental visits and subsequent spend-the-nights — endearing.

    This blog entry was a bright spot for me on a Monday morning. Thanks for posting, Debbie, and for Rachel, Julia, you and others sharing the life of Nancy!

  3. Nancy has been a great friend for many years. I worked with her at Dr Kimmels he always called us the white lighting employees . We could eat lunch , shop , and do it all on our lunch hour. I wanted my ears pierced and convinced Nancy to do it first. Dr Kimmel said he would do it for us, I marked her ears and he put the needle thru her ear lobe I decided didn’t like the placement so he made another hole. Every time she put her earrings in she wasn’t happy with me because of the double hole. I’ll miss you my friend.

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