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IMG_0065[From the Archives – as we seem surrounded by beautiful pregnant women and so many darling little babies – sweet times.]

My family, growing up, was not in church until I was 6 years old. Any awareness of spiritual songs began then for me. The Baptist Hymnal of my childhood was my worship textbook in those days. Then came the Christian Contemporary Music worship movement of the 1970s. When our children were born in the ’80s, there were songs deep in my heart that would become heartsongs for our three little ones as well. The main reason is that they would fall asleep to them at night, as we sang them during that wind-down time before lights-out.

My husband and I wanted to be the kind of parents who had family devotions faithfully [“Bible before breakfast” sort of thing], but that turned out to be more challenging than we thought it would be. He and I both had our own quiet times with the Lord, but adding people (especially little people) to that mix was a discipline that eluded us for most of the years of our children’s growing up. We had Bible teaching in our home and prayer bathed our routines, but that family devotion habit…sigh…now, we encourage our parenting children to better us in this area.

We did succeed at bed-time rituals – we needed those routines probably as much as the kids did. No matter where we lived (and we lived a lot of places), bedtime was a sacred benediction to the day – bath, pj’s, teeth-brushing, a bit of play just for fun (to draw out the rest of the day’s energy), and then to bed. “To bed” also included a story, prayers, and a song or two. By that time, our children were, for the most part, settled, snuggled down, ready to let the day go.

We always sang the same 2-3 songs. All through their growing up years. Right until they somehow arrived at that point when lullabies went the way of story-time. They read their own Bibles and they chose their own music. It happens so fast,,.always. Sigh.

Those 3 songs (linked below) were Jesus, Name Above All Names (Naida Hearn, 1974); Jesus – There’s Something About That Name (Gloria & Bill Gaither, 1970); and I Love You, Lord, and I Lift My Voice (Laurie Klein, 1978). These three songs soothed to sleep our three little ones wherever we were. Today, they are grown and their millennial music tastes have grown with them. Still, these songs remind them, and us, of a time that seems not so long ago – when we were a family of five who, at the end of the day, loved Jesus – no matter where we were, with children growing up across four countries. Those simple little praise songs, turned lullabies, sealed each day with the hum and the cuddle of God’s unfailing love.

What lullabies do you remember? Singing them or hearing them as you nodded off to sleep…

Jesus, Name Above All Names – YouTube with Lyrics

Song Story of Jesus, Name Above All Names

Jesus – There’s Something About That Name – Godtube video

Song Story of Jesus – There’s Just Something About That Name

I Love You, Lord, and I Lift My Voice – Youtube with Lyrics

Song Story of I Love You, Lord, and I Lift My Voice

Song Story of I Love You, Lord, and I Lift My Voice with added verses by John Piper

Phil Keaggy’s Instrumental Version of I Love You Lord on The Wind and The Wheat album

Don’t forget to post in Comments what your favorite lullabies were…or what songs you can imagine would make great lullabies for raising up worshippers.

As you think…I’m posting a “through the years” sequence of our sleeping child…the one who could sleep anywhere at any time…who still needed those lullabies at night…and is one of those worshippers today.

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6 thoughts on “Worship Wednesday – All These Babies – Raising Up Worshippers – Lullabies”

  1. What great pics of Nathan! Brought a smile to my face…

    This was lovely, Debbie, and warmed my heart. We can so relate to the family devotional plan (failure)…it just doesn’t happen that we for us, but we do hope to raise up prayer warriors and Bible lovers and true worshippers as well. It’s encouraging to hear your story and see how your routines and traditions impacted your kids. Lord I lift Your Name on High was a staple of my youth!!

    I had a whole litany of songs I’d go through when they were babies, but the hymns I always included were Blessed Assurance and Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing. I also made up some songs for each of them that they still ask me to sing today 🙂

    I love the tradition of handing down songs (truths, scripture, prayers) through those special times and through worship. There are a couple super meaningful songs to me that I actually hear in my grandpas voice, or my dad’s…memories of standing next to them in their suits at church 🙂 What a blessed legacy to grow up worshipping with family.


    1. Oh Blythe…what a blessing to remember your Dad’s and Grandpa’s voices in song. Love that you made up songs for each of your little ones.

      Another friend shared this in a Facebook comment: “There’s Just Something About That Name! Yes! To this day our family will start nodding off in the pew if it’s sung at church and Amelia hears it almost every night.” Sweet.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your stories. Much love!

  2. I sing I love you Lord to my babies too. I also sing Jesus loves me- BC I want their last thoughts before bed to be knowing that Jesus loves and cares for them. I also sing this little light of mine and aeden’s favorite is Amazig Grace. When I was pregnant I picked a song that God placed on my heart and I played it and worshiped all the time. After they were born whenever we were in the car and they were upset I would play those songs and they would calm down immediately. How precious and awesome that Christ let’s us worship him in this sweet way and pass it on to our babies!!! <3

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