Mother’s Day – Not the #BestMomEver Nor the Worst – Didn’t Mother Alone, and Then They Were Grown

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Happy Mother’s Day. Seeing that in print often brings that saying to mind, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”.  I never liked that saying and don’t want to put such a edict on my family. Motherhood does seem to carry its blessing and burden of emotions. Stores and restaurants are as crowded as Christmas this weekend with families doing what they do to celebrate their mothers.

With my own mom already with the Lord, and my other mom in another visit, this weekend, my thoughts are tuned onto these three kiddos – the ones who made me a mom in my 30s. They were a blessing come late and cherished all the more for their timing.

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Courtney Reissig writes a thought-provoking and freeing piece entitled Don’t Call Me the Best Mom Ever. She calls out our tendencies to go to extremes in lauding the praises of moms or, on the flip side, in lamenting the bad mothering we received…or feel guilty of…

Take a minute to read her article and be gentle with yourself, and those moms in your life today. Making Mother’s Day some sort of competition or guilt fest doesn’t honor the gift or the giver. If I get to see our children sometime during the Mother’s Day season or get cards from them where they’ve written their own words…that is huge. I know loving moms who may not have either this year. We also all know women who would have been wonderful moms…if they had had the opportunity…this gives me pause on such a day as this.

I don’t take these three once-little people for granted…nor do I want to heap huge expectations on them. My hope is that the errors of my ways mothering them through the years did not leave a mark.Blog - Christie, Nathan, Daniel - Cairo Covenant SchoolBlog - Christie, Nathan, Daniel - 2002

Reissig closed out her piece for moms in a way that resonates with my own heart.

“I simply need to be the mom God made me to be, to the children God created for me. Instead of striving for the best or embracing the worse, I hope to be the kind of mom who repents when I sin, admits my limitations, and asks God for more grace the next day.” – Courtney Reissig

We have this brief time with our children growing up. We will counsel well, and keep them well-fed and nurtured (heart and mind), and, for sure, we will make mistakes. The most important thing to remember is that we don’t mother alone…or we don’t have to… Redeem the time with them and soak in God’s great grace.

These precious children are in our keeping for a moment, it seems, with their own foibles and sharp edges (like ours)…

…and then they were grown.Blog - Christie, Nathan, Daniel

Happy Mother’s Day, dear ones. Be gentle with yourself and each other. I am grateful and filled with joy to think of you.

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day – Not the #BestMomEver Nor the Worst – Didn’t Mother Alone, and Then They Were Grown”

  1. Happy Mother’s Day Sis, you’re an awesome mom and very Blessed with your sweet family, love ya all.

    1. Thanks for the sweet greeting, Barbara. We are both blessed, you and I. Love you and thank God for you!

  2. Well, I won’t call you the best mom ever then, but I sure am thankful you’re mine! ???

    Time is certainly funny – as fast as it’s always been, I can appreciate how truly fast it is so much more with my own little. Hard to wrap my brain around the fact that we are those littles to you, as you were to Memaw.

    Love you, momma!

    1. Love you more, Sweetheart. I heard someone say, before your wee one was born, that I was going to love seeing the love between you and your baby…and it’s true. Hopefully Mom had that same joy as she saw the love I had for you. It’s a gift from God this love that passes from generation to generation. So glad to be your momma…and a gram to the grand, as well.

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