5 Friday Faves – Elliff Book, Harry Potter Melody, Voting, Alzheimer’s, & Romantic Music

Blog - Friday Faves 006 (2)Friday and I’m not at my computer. These days my calendar is more irregular as Dad becomes frail and needs us more than ever. If you have read along in weeks past, our dad has Alzheimer’s and colon cancer and is now on hospice care. The days are winding down. Visits together are measured in moments between sleep and waking. Sweet times with him… He does seem to be waiting these days…on what I’m not sure. On Heaven?


Anyway…ever so briefly here are five of my favorite finds from this week:

1) Elliff Book – New book out by Tom Elliff – The Unwanted Gift – Hearing God in the Midst of Your Struggles. Tom and Jeannie Elliff have been dear friends of ours from the first meeting. We have learned so much from them about life. Along with the usual of life, they have finished a journey of recurrent cancer together. She is now with the Lord. Tom just released this beautiful book, chronicling this journey they traveled together with a faithful and loving God. You will love it.


2) Harry Potter Medley Nathan Mills of Beyond the Guitar posted his latest arrangement – a medley of Harry Potter favorites. If you love Harry Potter, you will love this cover.



3) Voting – Early voting has become the thing to do lately. I guess it will help to avoid the crowds. Voting early was helpful since I won’t be in town on the day of the election. So thankful for the protected right and privilege of voting…wherever it takes us.blog-voted-election-project-inspiredPhoto Credit: Project Inspired

I am most thankful that whomever wins the Presidency and whomever carries the majority in Congress, God is sovereign. God is sovereign….

4) Alzheimer’s – November has been declared National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. Another good reason to wear purple. One day we will have a cure for this dreadful disease. Remember these precious ones whose memories have been stolen from them.

blog-alzheimers-november-kdvrPhoto Credit: KDVR

5) Romantic Music of the 50s & 60s – Don’t you love the old love songs of another era? Some of my favorites (just to mention a few) are the Righteous Brothers’ Unchained Melody, The Temptations’ My Girl, and The Platters’  Only You (And Only You). How about you? Do you have some favorites from the past?

rs-27748-temptations-624-1375726637Photo Credit: Rolling Stone

That’s it for me this week. What were some of your favorite finds? Hope you have a restful weekend with family and friends… We’re having an early Thanksgiving with Dad – grandchildren and great-grandchildren all around. Turkey. Cornhole. Football on the cul-de-sac. Lots of love all around with Dad at the center…as life here winds down…and the reality of Heaven becomes all the sweeter.


8 thoughts on “5 Friday Faves – Elliff Book, Harry Potter Melody, Voting, Alzheimer’s, & Romantic Music”

  1. So sorry to learn if your dads condition
    I lost my dad last June to CHF- after having a couple of brain bleeds due to several falls
    I loved my dad as you do yours
    It’s great that you have family to share with
    Praying for you all – peace & comfort
    P S truly enjoy your blog

    1. Thanks so much, Vivian. I didn’t realize it was just last year. I’m sure your daddy loved his Vivian so much. Hope to see you soon.

  2. Romantic (and “romance-lost”) music from the 50s and 60s:

    “The tracks of my tears” by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles

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