Writing Waits

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Life waits on no one. That tension of lovely and less than occasionally takes us away from such things as thinking and putting those thoughts into words on a screen.

I love to write.

1000 words a day paves the way for that book…or that blog that touches lives with clarity and thoughtFULness.

The connection between you and me is encouraging and emboldening, I hope. It sure is for me. Even not knowing who “you” are with each posting, my imagining is that we would be friends. If we aren’t already.

Thanks for reading and thinking along with me.

It’s been over a week and will be two before I sit in front of this “word processing” place.

A new granddaughter…a birthday and anniversary…a visit with beloved inlaws out of state. These and other things have taken priority.

For the moment…

So gladly I have hit pause.

Miss you but you have those moments too…

when writing or something else less peopled waits as we embrace what is in front of us.

While I’m not writing, how about you write? I would love to hear in the Comments, who you are, Dear Reader. Dear fellow traveler. In this space of a life.

Until next week…take care.

4 thoughts on “Writing Waits”

  1. Debbie and Family….
    Yes we go through times that life just takes over along with aging processes…. Please know you are all in my prayers and
    all circumstances around us all..this country and the world…..Congratulations on the new grand-baby…Praying all are doing well…I am good and God is taking care of me…Matt and fiance` are in Tampa…Know I love you all and will continue to lift you to Father for many more blessings…

  2. Congratulations on your new granddaughter! And may you be continually blessed as you take time to savor the joys in your life right now. I pray you all made it safely as “Michael” passed closely by you. Other than power outages, my family on the east coast fared well. I’m praying that I (and all of us) will be in special prayer for those who were directly impacted by that storm. Love to you and your family.

    1. Hi Sharon, all is well. There was lots of rain and wind but we thankfully missed most of the brunt of Hurricane Michael. As you mentioned, we must not forget to pray for those most affected by its damage. Love you right back!

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