5 Friday Faves – True Racial Unity, Commercial Composting, Fortnite Hype, Spring Flowers, and New Year’s Resolutions Revisited

Looking outside on this perfect Spring Friday, I’m having trouble staying focused. Everything feels slowed down, and my internet doesn’t just feel slow…it is dragging. Forgive me if my Friday Five is not as informative or linked up. Just want to get them up and out to you.

1) True Racial Unity – April 4 marked the 50th anniversary of M. L. King Jr’s assassination in Memphis, Tennessee. In that same city this week, ERLC and The Gospel Coalition held a conference on racial reconciliation/unity.  MLK50 Conference. Photo Credit: The Gospel Coalition

I watched much of it online. Hearing so many young pastors, educators, musical artists, and even politicians talk on how the church can move us in the direction of racial unity…was both inspiring and empowering.Photo Credit: Black Christian News

If you didn’t know about the conference (I saw it posted on Facebook), you can still catch much of the content by searching online for MLK50 Conference (#MLK50Conference). Below, I will post just a few quotes:

“Talking about race is challenging because people think they are more of an expert than they really are. Personal understanding is often the ceiling to progress. This is problematic when a dominant group is unaware of their own cultural proclivities.”Ray Chang

“When Dr. King was assassinated on the Lorraine Motel balcony, he had a scrap of paper stuffed inside his coat. Notes for an upcoming speech. On it was written the words: ‘Nothing is gained without sacrifice.'” – Matt Smethurst

“Jesus didn’t dip his toe into redemption; he dove in head first. Jesus didn’t follow the crowd. Jesus didn’t have a ‘trendy compassion’. Most people would not have done what Jesus did, but then again Jesus is not ‘most people'”.Trip Lee

“[Parents] your indifference toward diversity will be a norm by which your children’s worldview will be shaped.”Jackie Hill Perry

Growing the Next Generation to Value Biblical Racial Unity – Joy Allmond

Race and the Gospel [Podcast]– Rayshawn Graves – Movement Church

2) Commercial Composting – My mom and dad’s experience growing up poor during the Great Depression set me on a sure course of “reuse, repurpose, recycle”. My gardener husband is quite a gardener and makes excellent use of our compost pile. In fact, I do have to tell you one of my creepiest life experiences was discovering how quickly compost can be made. While we lived in Africa, big shiny black beetles would feast every night on our vegetable and fruit scraps until I just couldn’t take the idea of it anymore.Photo Credit: Nathan Greer, Facebook

This week I read the most intriguing post on Sevier Solid Waste, Inc. in our home state of Tennessee. Writer and photo journalist  Erin L. McCoy took a trip down to see this county composting facility and interviewed Tom Leonard, the director.

I’m not going to give detail here but what is possible using composting as both recycling and waste management is amazing. Photo Credits: Erin L. McCoy, Yes Magazine

Read this fascinating article:  Where Does All the Trash From Dollywood Go? To One of the World’s Best Composting FacilitiesErin L. McCoy

3) Fortnite Hype – I will be brief. In the world of videogaming, the save-the-world battle game Fortnite is becoming a cultural phenomenon. Currently, it could be the most-played game on the internet… millions playing on teams at the same time. Ninja, one of the popular professional gamers, plays regularly and profitably. He has definitely heaped the hype for this free-to-play game. Photo Credit: Fortnite Tube

Players often engage in cosplay (wearing costume for characters in the game)…as did Nathan when he arranged music from the game’s dances and posted the video below. Which is your favorite dance theme?

There is even a dance contest this week you can enter… “if you’ve got the moves”. #BoogieDown is the hashtag. So much hype.

Nathan (Beyond the Guitar) creates beautiful music with classical guitar. Still, the soaring views on this video have to relate to the wildly popular nature of this game. This video will pass half-a-million views today. Crazy!

YouTube Video – Fortnite Dances on Guitar – Beyond the Guitar

[Sidebar:  I’m still very ambivalent about video gaming. The theme music of these games is remarkably beautiful. I do like that many games are now multi-player, and sometimes friends actually play together, like, in the same room. It could be a way to actually spend time with gamers we love. I’m considering it…although unlikely.]

4) Spring Flowers – As I write inside, the bees outside are drawing out all the richness they can out of the Viburnum blossoms. We get about a week of this fragrant-as-Jasmine flowering bush and then the petals fly and settle like snow. One week of glory…then dark leafy beauty in its place. I look forward to this and other Spring flowers – short-lived but intoxicatingly beautiful in their season.

Flowers on a Spring Morning – Viburnum – Reminiscent of the Fresh and Fragrant Jasmine of North Africa – Deb Mills Writer

5) New Year’s Resolutions Revisited – On this past New Year’s Eve, our pastor Cliff challenged us at Movement Church to commit to some resolutions to the Lord…together [podcast of 12/31/2017 here]. His commitment to help us continue resolved was to remind us 3-4 months into the new year about our resolutions as a personal accountability check on how we’re doing. Many of us wrote down our resolutions during the service and sealed them in self-addressed envelopes and left them with the church staff. My resolutions arrived in the mail yesterday…as promised.

What is that adage? “Slow and steady wins the race.” Some I’m doing well in – renewed habits. Some I still need lots of help in…Photo Credit: David Lose

Unlike Calvin, at least in some areas, I so need to keep resolve and to have good friends to come alongside and help me get there.

Do you still remember your resolutions? How is it going?

Resolved – The Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards

Monday Morning Moment: Understanding True Habit Change and Rocking Your New Year’s Resolutions – Deb Mills Writer

That’s it for this Friday. Enjoy the rest of your day and this weekend. Don’t forget to comment below. Please subscribe to the blog, if you will. Be gentle with yourself and those around you. We can do this!


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The Silent Killer Among American Retirees – Brian Stoffel [Here It Is: Social Isolation]

50 Mums and Their Children With Down’s Syndrome Make Emotional Carpool Karaoke-Style Video

Infographic: 1 of These Four Strengths Is Your Superpower – Damon Brown

Photo Credit: Docolumide, Twitter

Consider This – Radio Show with Annette Petrick

12 thoughts on “5 Friday Faves – True Racial Unity, Commercial Composting, Fortnite Hype, Spring Flowers, and New Year’s Resolutions Revisited”

  1. Beautiful flower pics. You should definitely take a trip to Lewis Ginter while the tulips are going strong. Crazy how that fortnite video has taken off. Got my postcard too. Always knew I’d be building in mine bit by bit instead of trying to change all the habits at once. Like you said, some I’m doing reasonably on, some a good reminder!

    1. Thanks for commenting. Dad was pruning the Viburnum and accidentally clipped a branch full of blooms. I brought them in and put them in vases in the kitchen window. Now our kitchen smells like Spring. As for resolutions, we could be that friend to the other. A couple of my resolutions could definitely use your help. Thanks, always, Christie.

  2. Enjoyed your blog! I don’t often get to comment. The flowers are gorgeous. I’m reading about another winter blast coming. I hope the flowers will be protected. Regarding the video games…. I’m totally out of touch. Either because I’m getting too old or life over here has “protected” me. 🙂 Great to hear about the church having open conversations about racial issues. It seems in my lifetime it has been 2 steps forward and 3 steps back…. Unacceptable! Blessings!!!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Sharon. I loved how some of our overseas life did “protect” us from the thick of culture change in the US. Now that we have been back for almost a decade !! we have to keep sharp as to what to embrace so we’re not so “out of touch” and what does not need embracing. I feel very old sometimes. However, the kids do help us see culture through their eyes…the good, the bad, and the ugly. I agree with you about our struggle of “2 steps forward, 3 steps back”. It is definitely a climb. Miss you. Keep us posted (maybe in an email) as to how the future is unfolding. Again, thanks for commenting. Means a lot!

  3. FINALLY, Martin Luther King is getting some true credibility….50 years after his death….he was only 39 y.o. when he died.

    I remember…I was 13 y.o. living in Albany, Georgia. So much conflict in those days as a young teen….was MLK a Hero or Not?

    My culture at the time said “Not”. My parents said “Hero” in our home. But they kept that within the home….I don’t blame them.

    I have suffered through what the government does to right the wrong in the workplace. The government can only do “law” stuff. It cannot touch “heart” stuff. 🙂

    1. So true. My life has taken a real turn related to the whole role of the church in racial unity. I pray it’s not too late for me to be of use in this way.

  4. “New Year’s Resolutions Revisited” – What a great idea. If more of us went back and checked what we promised vs. what we’ve done, more resolutions might be kept. I think I read that adherence to most resolutions lasts about four weeks. In the case of eating better – 4 days. I’ll go back and check mine.

    One of my resolutions was to get better acquainted with my fellow Virginia bloggers and visit more of us. Hey, what a resolution keeper am I !!!

    Thanks for the good Friday morning considerations.

    1. I hope to meet you one day as well. Resolutions revisited was an inspired idea! I am doing well in one of them but the others keep needing discipline. The “eating better” resolution is always the most challenging. Thanks for commenting. Love your radio show.

    1. They are breathtaking! Coming your way, Kari. The flowers, I mean. Maybe one day it will be me. Thanks for commenting.

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